About us

Our manufacturing facility is a cutting-edge enterprise located within the Shandong High-tech Industrial Park in China. We specialize in the research and development, as well as the production of advanced abrasive and polishing materials catering to the mid-range and high-end markets.


Since 2010, our company has been dedicated to the exploration of abrasive and polishing nano-materials. Over the years, we have successfully conceived and manufactured a comprehensive range of products. This includes polishing powders like Cerium oxide, Zirconium oxide, and Aluminium oxide, as well as polishing solutions such as Cerium oxide, Zirconium oxide, Aluminium oxide, and Silicon dioxide.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employing a unique and well-established sizing technique involving calcination and grinding classification, we have achieved a remarkable annual R&D and production capacity of 1500 tons for polishing and abrasive materials. Our products have earned global recognition and garnered accolades from numerous users for their outstanding performance and unwavering quality.


Committed to the philosophy of "embracing diversity and ceaseless innovation," our manufacturing facility places a strong emphasis on the continuous enhancement of product quality and the development of novel solutions. While our products primarily find applications in precision optical glass, liquid crystal glass, photomask materials, mobile touchscreens, optical fiber, semiconductor, and precision metal industries, we have also established dedicated domestic and international trade departments. These divisions underscore our dedication to forging strategic partnerships with customers worldwide.



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